Annett Brown

Rector & Reverend

The Rector: Very Rev. Annett Brown, Dean of St. James/Hanover

Zelphya McLaren


Reverend at St Augustine Church

Servers Gild


The primary role of the alter server is to assist the Priest in the celebration of the liturgy of Holy Eucharist and other services. This is done through specific duties. Importantly, servers set an example for the congregation by active participation in the liturgy – singing of hymns, making appropriate responses; by exuding reverence, alertness and joy of service and worship; sitting or standing at the appropriate times with postures that promote dignity in worship.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Group

Prayer is the life blood of the church and the life line to the throne of God. It is in prayer that God condescends to meet us. The prayer ministry is not a meeting of sorts it involves persons who will pray at all times, undergirding the church’s worship, mission and ministry; its clergy and members and all others in their times of adversity.

Neville Thomas

Church Attorney
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Neville Thomas is a Church Attorney here at St. Augustine’s Church. Contact him via

Ms. Winsome Stewart

Church Attorney

Ms. Winsome Stewart is a Church Attorney here at St. Augustine’s Church

Mr. Samuel James

Church Attorney

Mr. Samuel James is a Church Attorney here at St. Augustine’s Church

Ms. Heather Davis

Church Secratary
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Ms. Heather Davis is the Church Secretary here at St. Augustine’s Church.